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Take a few minutes to look at our DEMO, which shows the power of the qItem™ system.
Just sit back and relax while we show you what qItem™ is all about.
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qItem™ Simple Inventory Tracking System

By developing this system based on our needs, we incorporated everything into it that would make OUR life easier. Then, by adding feedback from numerous users, we enabled it to make YOUR life easier as well.

Informed Decision Making

qItem™ does not know about your business – you do!

qItem™ keeps track of your data, and it knows a thing or two about its structure (actually, you told it, during data entry). With this knowledge, qItem™ is eager to assist in your decision making process.

For example, qItem™ can provide a comprehensive view on the items usage and structure. On a single screen, for any item, you can see not only what goes inside of it, but also where it is used and how!. Sure SAP can do the same -for about ½ million bucks !!!

qItem™ does not stop there. In a second it can analyze what you have and have not, and inform what can be build, sold, or assembled now, in what quantity, and tell you if you need to make more. Not a full blown MRP, but damn very close, with a room for YOU to make well informed final decisions. Here are some more features:

Web Based

Allow any number of people to access the system at any time. No special set-up required; use on any PC that has Internet Access (and who doesn't now days?); multilevel security; robust performance; no additional hardware required. Ever!

Track Parts, Documents, Anything

Any "item" can be tracked, whether its a part, a document or even a person. You have complete control.

Define your own Bills of Materials / Assemblies!

Define your structure any way you like, and let qItem™ track it. That is, a part or an object may have other parts or objects that make it up. (For example: A widget may have a screw and a nut holding it together - this is an example of an assembly, where both of these things are part of a Widget part). You can track complete assemblies as well as individual parts.

Define your structures to as many levels as needed, then track or move the whole assembly structure in single transactions.

Comprehensive Reports– TOTAL VISIBILITY

qItem™ features a number of ‘smart’ reports. Why smart, you might ask? Clear, Intuitive, Concise – yes, but SMART? Yes, SMART – smart because all reports can be dynamically adjusted by you to show as little or as much information as needed, change sort options on the fly, zero-in on a single item, customer, process, or see the whole shebang! You are in control, and report dynamically changes to accommodate you!

For example, with a single click, historical transaction report will morph into "Item History Report" (showing everything that happen since you introduced (entered) any item into a system); on the same report, highlight a vendor, and how you can analyze performance, look at the activity, volume, and width of the supplier!

Dynamic date-time base sort will show what happen when, and the user sort will emphases who did what. You can see, so you can measure, so you can manage!

Know when you run out of items.

Simply run our reports, which will tell you what parts are running low (you define thresholds), and what you will be able to build based on your current levels. A mini MRP in a box :)

Powerful BackFlash Capability

Back Flash Transaction Capability, usually found as an advanced add-on option in more complex (and expensive) inventory tracking packages is build right into qItem™!

This sophisticated capability greatly simplifies your inventory tracking by providing an option to automatically calculate and deplete appropriate quantity of components any time higher level assembly part has been taken out of inventory. So, to continue with example from above, when you sell a widget, qItem™ will also decrease right number of nuts and bolts that came with it from available inventory without having you to do any additional entries!

Stay on top of your Supply / Demand requirements.

While not designed as a full pledge Purchasing or Sales tracking system, qItem™ allows for easy tracking of basic purchasing and sales activities. All critical data is stored as relevant transactions, allowing for complete view of item history, statistical reporting, cast calculations, etc…

qItem™ is a very powerful, yet easy to use system that you can put to work NOW. Give it a spin. A free trial allows you to enter your parts and your assemblies. See if it makes a difference in your workplace.

Take a look at a quick demo


Take a few minutes to look at our DEMO, which shows the power of the qItem™ system.
Just sit back and relax while we show you what qItem™ is all about.
Purchase / Convert your trial
Plain and simple. Just $47.99/month, cancel limitations (almost).

qItem - simple, flexible, inventory, tracking management system