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Somerdale, NJ
08083, USA

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<a href=""></a> - Simple, powerful and flexible tracking system

A bit about us...

We are a fastest growing firm in SJ, 2005. A finalist of the American Family Business Awards (Fairleigh Dickinson College, 2006). Our CEO has been named one of "40 under 40 Most Influential Business Person in Delaware Valley" by NJBIZ.

As you can see, our awards and kudos have given us a great opportunity to grow, but with that growth, we had faced a number of internal tracking problems, especially in our factory floor. From simply being a nuisance, to major production halts, the problem was getting worse. Sure, we looked at existing packages, but none really fit our needs or our pockets. As a result qItem™ was born.

The rest is history in the making ...

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qItem - simple, flexible, inventory, tracking management system