Try out the qItem™ System for 30 days.

No matter what we say, show or do, nothing beats the "real-life" experience of trying out a system.

Once registered, you can full access into a real system with the only limitations of 30 days activation, maximum of 20 parts / items and up to 10 users. Wow !! (some limitations :)

(if you have special needs that require more time or more parts, please contact us).

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 I want qItem-lite™ for FREE

The "lite" version is designed for small home businesses that have similar needs as larger companies, but not as many parts or users. So, the light version lets you use the same goodness as the main qItem™ system but with only a maximum of 2 users and 10 parts. You can upgrade to full version at any time. Your data is never lost. The "lite" version is automatically envoked at the end of your 30 days trial, unless you purchase the full version.

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Purchase / Convert your trial
Plain and simple. Just $47.99/month, cancel limitations (almost) below:

Full Version Specifications / True Cost The full version of qItem™ allows you to have:

  •  Up to 10 named users
  •  Up to 1000 parts or items
  •  Simultaneous access by named users
  •  Full support and automatic updates
  •  Periodic data backups
  •  Peace of mind

For only $47.99/month that rougly translates to about $4.80/user/month. If you fully load the system with up to 1000 parts, the true cost is roughly $0.01 / part / month - a true value to be able to know, track and manage your inventory and yet not make you go broke, don't you think?

In addition, with this price you get the full thrust of our support department to answer any questions, at any time 24/7/365 (email) and telephone support during normal business hours.

Did we mention, you can cancel at any time.

(if you have special needs that require more users, or more parts, or specific data feeds or anything else, please contact us).

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qItem - simple, flexible, inventory, tracking management system