FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to load anything on my computer?

Absolutely not. qItem™ is a completely web-based system. All you need is a web browser.

What can I track with this system?

You can basically track anything that you need. We have firms tracking inventory parts (manufacturing), documents (legal), supplies (medical), materials (shops, auto).

We even have individuals tracking CDs and DVDs.

Bottom line: You can track whatever you need and can even customize the qItem™ to refer to whatever you are tracking the way you want.

We build handheld meters, can I track these as well as parts that go into it?

Yes. This is one of the most key powerful capabilities of qItem™. You can define your items as well as what goes into making them (BOM / Assemblies). Once the structures are defined, you can then easily track your levels, get alerts if thresholds are reached, run reports, manage inventory ...

Can I also track where a particular item was purchased?

Yes. Each part or item can refer to a "vendor" record that you define. This way, you know exactly where this part came from, how much you paid for it, as well as part numbers ...etc.

Can I track the cost of final assemblies?

Sure. As you enter individual parts, you also define the cost of each. qItem™ uses this information to "roll-up" and provide you not only individual item costs, but the costs of your assemblies, sub-assemblies ...etc.

How is the trial account different from regular account?

The trial account allows you to do basically everything that a regular, paid account does, except that you are limited to the number of users (logins) you are allowed, as well as a number of parts/items you can track. You can switch to a regular account at any time.

Can I export the data to other packages, such as Excel or QuickBooks.

The data is yours. We can provide you standard CSV files of your data so that you can move it to whatever package you choose.


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